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Engineering Notebook


I'm a student at Santa Monica High School in the PLTW program. This website is filled with information about my PLTW projects and journey through my last year in PLTW.

About me

Hello! My name is Kim Hansen and I'm an aspiring engineering student. I'm in my last year of high school at Santa Monica High School (Samohi) and take part in the PLTW engineering program.


In my capstone class, I'd like to make an amazing project on something I'm passionate about, compete at JPL, and work with an engineering mentor.

Engineering Fields

In college, I'd like to major in chemical engineering or mechanical engineering. After graduating, I'd like to create something like sunscreen or rocket fuel.

My Jorney

Throughout my high school career, I've been with the engineering program for five classes. See all my skills come together this year in my final project!

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